Why Choose Mews Designs?

       We love what we do and we want you to be happy.

We are a family owned buisness in Raleigh, NC. Marsha holds a degree in Advanced Wedding Design from Floral Design Institute and stays current with additional training. Marsha's daughter, Jes, is co-designer/owner and also helps with design, installation and social media. Marsha's husband, Kent is her engineer, heavy lifter, book keeper and main support. He often works on the floral installations. He is also our custom builder.  If you dream it, he can build it! 

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A word from Marsha, "I have a passion for what I do.  The flowers I received on my wedding day were not at all what I ordered. I was heartbroken and don't want that to happen to you. I love what I do. I work from a home studio with my three rescue cats Grace, Jet and Meg and our Border Collies, Ginger and Nordic. You can follow them on Instagram. @mewsdesigns_mascots  I promise they will not all meet you at the door. I love meeting my brides, groom and their families, making a connection that is genuine and exciting. Planning together is my favorite thing next to designing."


A few words from Jes..."I feel so blessed to work for MEWS. It's my creative outlet. I am a former teacher but I wish I had chosen floral design as a career from the beginning. I frequently have new favorites...new favorite flower, favorite arrangement and favorite bouquets."

We are exclusively a wedding design studio, not a storefront, weddings only.

Your flowers are ordered and used only for you. Marsha takes a limited number of weddings, only one per weekend.  She does all the designs herself. Her assistants and co-designer help with the details following her specific instructions.  No left over flowers from other weddings, events or sales are reused. Your flowers are fresh and long lasting.


Our minimum order for florals is $3,000.  

We're transparent with pricing. The prices of flowers vary widely depending on the flower types and the labor required in the arrangement styles. In general, brides can expect to spend between $150-$300 for their bridal bouquet. Bridesmaids vary from $75 to $200. Boutonnières and Corsages range from $10 to $35.  Arrangements for your ceremony can vary depending again on the type of flowers and the amount of time needed to design. Most ceremony flowers start at $200. Floral centerpieces start at $75. MEWS Wedding Florist dedicates our business to one wedding per weekend.

The average wedding flowers will run about 10% of your total wedding cost.  Check out our Rentals and Decor under Galleries in the drop down menu.

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Let’s just talk. Make an appointment and Marsha will send you a consultation form so we can begin a conversation. In person or on the phone. You will work exclusively with Marsha to plan and design your wedding. No one else takes over for her. She is always your point of contact, not an assistant. She is prompt with phone calls and emails. You will feel taken care of and cared for.  

Marsha has a strong creative passion and understanding of your needs once you discuss your vision with her. Text 919-368-8662 or send an email to msnyder@mews-designs.com to set up an appointment. The first consultation is free and last about one hour. 

Don’t be surprised when you drive into a subdivision. Marsha, our owner and head designer works from her home.  Enjoy the beautiful country drive to their area. Below is an image of Marsha’s house so you can recognize it. 

May God bless your wedding day with His presence and the beauty of His flowers. He already made you beautiful!! Together we can make it happen. Proverbs 3:5